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Icon_terran_small 3 Barracks Fast Expand

TvT / TvP / TvZ

Build Order

10 - Supply Depot (Block Ramp)
13 - Command Center
14 - Barracks (Block Ramp)
14 - Barracks (Block Ramp)
16 - Barracks (Start marine production.)
16 - Orbital Command
17 - Orbital Command
21 - Refinery [2x]
28 - Supply Depot [2x]


A viable and easy to execute fast expand option for all match ups.

Command Center first allows huge Mineral intake, allowing you to take full advantage of Marine production.

Be sure to block of your ramp to prevent harassment, early pressure, and scouting. If the opponent notices you are fast expanding, you should expect some retaliation.

This works best on small maps where Marines can defend the expansion easily.



Build Tags

Fast Expand

Map Tags

Small Maps, Close Ground Positions

Submitted by: Xerosigma

Credit: Nestor E. Ledon



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