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Icon_zerg_small Fake hatchery enemy ramp cheese

ZvT / ZvP

Build Order



9 - overlord
10 - send drone scout
12 - gas

then just spawn a hatchery on the enemies ramp at around 2:00-2:30
cancel it, and quickly spawn an evolution chamber on the creep left behind.

15 - pool
16 - overlord

spam out zerglings and upgrade speed.

If the enemy uses ur evolution chamber as a block on the ramp, just destroy it with ur
zerglings to spawn the heavy dmg small creep that decay after a few seconds, use these to kill any support units or buildings.

keep spamming zerglings
to harass ur enemy

expand at around when you have 14 drones on main + 3 on gas.
go for quick lair upgrade and go straight for mutalisk
make more gas and get ur economy going while harassing ur enemy with zerglings.
if he gets the wall up or mass zealots/marines, get banelings to harass with.

When you have mutaliskt, keep harassing with ling/bane and send mutalisk to minerals lane to harass more. Enemy will give up.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Rush, Harassment, All-In, Cheese

Map Tags

Small Maps, Close Ground Positions

Submitted by: xwolf94

Credit: xWolf



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