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Icon_terran_small Fast Marine/SCV All-in

TvT / TvP / TvZ

Build Order

10 - Supply Depot
12 - Barracks (Stop SCV production at this point)
12 - Barracks [2x] (Start marine production on first barracks)
14 - Orbital Command (You may continue SCV production once marines are being constantly made from your 3 barracks)
18 - Orbital Command (Call down extra supplies from orbital command)
25 - Marine (Attack enemy with all marines and 8-14 scv's)
27 - Bunker (make a bunker if you have extra minerals at enemy base so marines last longer)
27 - Marine [3x] (set rally point on your army)
27 - Orbital Command (call down mules for reinforcements marines)


In this cheesy All-in you will be able to quickly make marines and be able to push with your marines and scv's to win the game. This build also allows you to get reinforcements and fall back on a follow up plan.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Rush, All-In, Cheese, 1 Base

Map Tags

Small Maps

Submitted by: Anglefire

Credit: Anglefire



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