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Icon_terran_small 1-1-1 Banshee,Marine Tank all in


Build Order

12 - Barracks (Produce 2 Marines to prevent scouting.)
10 - Supply Depot
14 - Refinery [2x] (When you hit 50 gas reactor on rax)
15 - Reactor (After reactor is build constant marine prodction)
16 - Orbital Command (After orbital start making MULES)
18 - Factory (When you have enough gas make a factory)
20 - Starport (When factory finishes make starport as fast as possible)
23 - Tech Lab (on factory later switch on starport)
25 - Banshee [2x] (Star making banshees first for scouting)
28 - Siege Tank [2x] (Siege tanks to siege mode in the enemy s base and destroy them)


The normal 1-1-1 build but you produce 2 banshees 2 tanks and a handful of marines and a bunch of SCVs and go all out with the sole purpose is to end the game. Constantly make reinforcements so if the attack is countered you can still defend.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Timing Push, All-In, Balanced, 1 Base

Map Tags


Submitted by: Braxton

Credit: SC2noobschool



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