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Icon_zerg_small 3 Hatch Before Pool? BETA

ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ

Build Order

9 - Overlord
16 - Hatchery
16 - Overlord
21 - Hatchery
25 - Spawning Pool
26 - Overlord


This is for very early eco and if scouted can be taken down equally but if you scout and its safe to do, then give it a try for a very large eco gain. Then if you can macro it out im sure you will most likely win the game. This can transition into things like: lings, speedlings, roaches, mutas, ultras,. very well :)

Note - The supply for the hatches is somewhat accurate but zerg is more of my off race. Best of luck! glhf! feel free to add me in game : Anixie . 370 or iMLGAnixie@gmail.com



Build Tags

Balanced, Defensive, Timing Push, Harassment, All-In, Cheese, Fast Expand

Map Tags

Large Maps, Far Ground Positions, Far Air Positions

Submitted by: Anixie

Credit: Anixie



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