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Icon_zerg_small Standard 15 Pool Opener

ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ

Build Order

9 - Overlord
14 - Extractor
15 - Spawning Pool
16 - Overlord
16 - Extractor
16 - Queen
21 - Metabolic Boost (Im not totally sure on this. just get it when you can.)


Standard play for da zerg :)



Build Tags

Balanced, Timing Push, Harassment, 1 Base

Map Tags

Large Maps, Small Maps, Close Ground Positions, Far Ground Positions, Close Air Positions, Far Air Positions

Submitted by: Anixie

Credit: Anixie


Comments (2)

I wouldn't call this standard in anyway. Mainly because it's a 1 base opening which almost never happens. You'd be better off with adding in 15 hatch after pool 17 overlord.

By TnekKralc - over 7 years ago

I agree with comment above for this to be standard zerg play it should be. 9 overlord 15 pool 15 hatchery 16 gueen 16 extractor get 3 drones on extractor go for 100 gas to upgrade metabolic boost then take away 2 drones from extractor and put them on minerals. get a total of 4 queens while getting economy up to 3x on each extractor and 16x on both mineral lanes

By xwolf94 - almost 6 years ago