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Icon_protoss_small Anixies Proxy 2 Gate v1

PvT / PvP / PvZ

Build Order

9 - Pylon (Right of the spawn of the game. send a probe right to his base and proxy pylon in his natural.)
9 - Gateway
9 - Zealot (Chronoboost them and continue to make zealots . GG)


Very early agression Build :D



Build Tags

Aggressive, Balanced, Rush, Timing Push, Harassment, All-In, Cheese, 1 Base

Map Tags


Submitted by: Anixie

Credit: MgZ Anixie


Comments (2)

Had a rather easy win against zerg with this.

By FudgeFiddle - over 6 years ago

THIS WORKS!!!!.... on low bronze...

By Orick - over 6 years ago