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Icon_protoss_small "Anixie 4 Gate v1"


Build Order

9 - Pylon
12 - Warp Gate [4x]
12 - Cybernetics Core (Make Sure to Research Warp Gate!)
16 - Assimilator
17 - Pylon
20 - Pylon [3x] (3 Forward Proxy Pylons.)
21 - Zealot [2x] (Rally to Proxy)
22 - Stalker (Rally to Proxy.)
24 - Zealot (Rally to Proxy)
24 - Pylon
24 - Stalker
25 - Zealot
26 - Zealot
26 - Stalker (if you dont have gas then zealot is fine)


My Custom 4 gate. I possibly will be making a v2 and more once I tweak it.. This is around a 7 minute push :) Very easy to do and very easy to get out of bronze, maybe silver (trying it today on a EU server acount) with this build. Feel free to add me on SC2. I coach for free. NA Server Anixie - Code 370.
Difficulty: Easy - Medium (in macro situations)
This build can be countered easily (if scouted)
As of leagues that this works, I would suggest my proxy 2 gate build for pvp and pvz. then this for pvt. I have made it to high plat so far with 4 gateing and proxy 2 gateing in just under 30-40 games. I think I will hit diamond or atleast top 8 soon :) GLHF! (:



Build Tags

Aggressive, Balanced, Rush, Timing Push, All-In, Cheese, 1 Base, Harassment

Map Tags

Large Maps, Small Maps, Close Ground Positions, Far Ground Positions

Submitted by: Anixie

Credit: Anixie



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