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Icon_protoss_small Natural Gate Rush


Build Order

7 - Probe at 00:10 (move out)
10 - Pylon at 01:05 (natural)
10 - Gateway at 01:28 (natural)
12 - Assimilator at 01:57
13 - Pylon at 02:18
15 - Zealot [2x] at 02:35 (Chronoboost Gateway)
15 - Cybernetics Core at 02:52
21 - Stalker at 03:40
27 - Nexus at 05:45


Natural Gate Rush



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Submitted by: Gamekun


Comments (3)

Using this build, your early economy falls a lot behind on the enemy. When you place down your Nexus, you're already like 10 workers behind. If I were to play against you, and notice that you expand with only one Gateway, I'd simply 4-gate rush and you'd be done for. Actually, even 2-gate Robo push would deal with this build. If your enemy doesn't scout, however, this eco-cheese would work really well. Still, I wouldn't suggest using this.

By Annoctatio - over 7 years ago

I'd like to add that in ONE minute (in early game, with low saturation, ~10 worker count) a worker mines 150 minerals. It falls down as more workers are produced, but the total amount of minerals that you gain rise a lot. Even if you're getting second base really early, it'd be much more beneficial to have only one base (with this build of course).

By Annoctatio - over 7 years ago

I used a similar build in an unranked game and it worked quite ok. The key is the non scouting opponent, and follow up with stalkers or whatever you want. expand when it is safe to do, and the some damage has been done. wouldn't use it in ranked matches though.

By Kenpachi - over 7 years ago