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Icon_protoss_small 10 gate all-in


Build Order

9 - Pylon (chrono probes after pylon finishes )
12 - Gateway (wait a little.....)
13 - Gateway [9x]
14 - Pylon [8x]
15 - Zealot [10x] (after Pylons finish, chronoboost the gateways, rally to opponents base start attack!)


A very op build



Build Tags

Aggressive, Timing Push, All-In, 1 Base

Map Tags

Small Maps

Submitted by: Brosky777

Credit: Sho Ichimaru


Comments (2)

You're kidding right? Anyone past silver league can stop this EASILY. This build hits too late, is so easy to scout, dies to any sort of tech, and dies to any sort of early aggression. You should really not have posted this.

By sc0ttbl4m - over 8 years ago

Autistic troll.

By 072970072 - almost 8 years ago