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Icon_terran_small Economic build 2x2

TvT / TvP / TvZ

Build Order

12 - Barracks (not more than 1 barraks per cc)
21 - Refinery
26 - Refinery
54 - Command Center (after 2nd cc finished add 1 more barraks to create giant army)
58 - Barracks
79 - Command Center (you can add one more barraks, but dont waste minerals, it's for export)


A very strong economic build. Once you collected about several thousands minerals and gas and the enemy has killed all your army and economy with a single drop, you can ask him to join your team for your collected resources, if he doesn't than gg wp.
Build is tested and created by Sasha euba drot in a row of 2x2 games and showed it's strong resource collection rate.



Build Tags

Fast Expand

Map Tags


Submitted by: Sasha-drot

Credit: Sasha drot ueba



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