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Icon_zerg_small Roach/Burrow Rush at. 7-8 roaches at 6mark.

ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ

Build Order

15 - Spawning Pool
15 - Extractor
15 - Overlord
17 - Queen (inject after spawn)
19 - Roach Warren
19 - Overlord
19 - Burrow at 03:58 (Few seconds before the queen pops out you'll have this gas)
19 - Overlord
27 - Roach [7x] at 05:45
37 - Hatchery at 06:00


This is for 4v4 only. haven't done it in 1v1
I have been playing unrank to test around stuff. here's what i found.
5:35 - you'll have burrow
6:00 - 7-8 roaches
6:xx - hatchery



Build Tags

Rush, Timing Push

Map Tags


Submitted by: qatanah


Comments (3)

no replays? so i can watch :)

By roylevalencia - almost 9 years ago

actually tried it out in 1v1 and it worked amazingly, only lost once cause i decided to macro instead of make some extra roaches for defense after i forced a huge ling army up so i got rushed, i was able to burrow the drones but he exploded banelings over the general area and it was kinda gg

By trollericwilliams - over 8 years ago

I will try this out today and come back with some feedback on gold - platinum league.

By xwolf94 - almost 7 years ago