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Icon_terran_small 6 Min 3 Rax Stim Push

TvT / TvP / TvZ

Build Order

10 - Supply Depot
12 - Barracks
13 - Refinery
15 - Orbital Command
16 - Barracks (@150 Minerals, before 2nd supply)
17 - Supply Depot
18 - Tech Lab (After 2 marines from first Rax; @100% Stimpack and Marauder production)
22 - Barracks (Build as 2nd Rax finishes)
22 - Reactor (On second Rax)
23 - Supply Depot
30 - Tech Lab (Once finished research Concussive Shells)
30 - Supply Depot


A 6-7 minute timing push designed to be an all in to a soft contain FE build.
Push out around 6:20, stim and shells should finish around 7 minutes. Save a scan for the timing push when going up their ramp, rally all 3 Rax's to their ramp.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Rush, Timing Push

Map Tags

Small Maps, Close Ground Positions

Submitted by: sionnix14

Credit: tGPrax


Comments (2)

I find this helpfull but only vs zerg, i havent tried it out yet with terran. Protoss with its Nexus cannon its impossible to harras with this army. Its better Reaper opening against protoss

By Heisenberg - almost 8 years ago

Heisenberg @ if u are going reapers vs protoss, he will build core, and your reapers build will fail even faster, Then protoss will build 1 oracle, and your scv are dead (if u didnt build engi-ebay + 1 turrer). And when protoss is trying nexus cannon you have to split your units - so nexus-cannon will not shoot few units in the group, but only 1 unit insted.

By dawciobiel - almost 7 years ago