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Icon_protoss_small 4 DTs @ 6:30

PvT / PvP / PvZ

Build Order

9 - Pylon (Chrono probes upon completion)
12 - Gateway (Chrono probes after placement)
14 - Assimilator [2x] (3 probes in each upon completion; Chrono probes after placements)
16 - Cybernetics Core (Place right after Gateway finishes; Research Warp Gate upon completion)
16 - Pylon (Place in a more hidden part of your base; Chrono probes after placement)
19 - Twilight Council (Place right after Cyber Core finishes)
22 - Dark Shrine (Place right after Twilight Council finishes; Chrono probes after placement)
24 - Gateway [3x] at 05:00 (Typically you'll have to wait a moment before you can afford the third)
24 - Pylon [2x] (One pylon helps power your base, the other is a secret proxy pylon by the enemy; Chrono Warp Gate)
24 - Dark Templar [4x] at 06:30 (From the Shadows I Come O_o)
32 - Forge (Chrono upgrades (weapons first) at your forge throughout the game. Upon completion build cannons to protect your mineral lines and expand.)


Very deadly DT rush. Easy transition into regular play.

VS any: Your primary targets are Turrets, Spore Crawlers, and Cannons. If there are more than two cannons, abandon the rush and instead use the DTs for containment.

VS Terran: Kill as many SCVs as possible. If the SCVs run target the Orbital. If the Orbital lifts off, target military while one DT holds position under the Orbital so it cannot land.

VS Zerg: Send one DT to their expansion and focus the Hatchery. Use the other three to focus down their main Lair/Hatchery.

VS Protoss: Target Nexus. If they have a Robotics Facility completed, target the pylon powering it. If there is more than one pylon powering it, target the Facility itself.

Team games: If the enemy is rushing hard, use DTs defensively FIRST. You will do a lot more damage counter attacking with your allies than charging in by yourself as they die around you.



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Submitted by: kyymehra

Credit: Kyymehra


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By Javierjjm522 - over 7 years ago

It's pretty cheese, but enjoyable tactic nevertheless. Also it works really well against those who don't scout properly.

By Annoctatio - about 7 years ago