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Icon_protoss_small MeXupa Fast DTs (Team Play)

PvT / PvP / PvZ

Build Order

8 - Pylon at 00:37 (Chrono Boost on Nexus)
10 - Gateway at 01:20
11 - Assimilator at 01:40
11 - Assimilator at 01:52 (When ready send 3 probes for each gas)
13 - Cybernetics Core at 02:32
15 - Twilight Council at 03:24
15 - Warp Gate at 03:31 (Now on chrono boost on Cyb. Core all the time)
18 - Dark Shrine at 04:18 (SEND probe to proxy pylon)
18 - Gateway at 04:39
18 - Gateway at 04:52
18 - Pylon at 05:12
18 - Dark Templar [3x] at 06:00 (Chrono Boost in all gateways)
24 - Dark Templar [3x] at 06:25


Fast DTs, excelent strat. for team games. Designed to make early harrass with stealh units and compromise your enemies economy and destroy thei key-tech buildings. If you have good enough micro you can even win team games alone for your mates!! But be aware, this strategy is not recomended in 1v1 games since it relies on a (or more) partner do build a army and defend your base from some kind of cheese or early push.

Hope you enjoyed



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Map Tags

Large Maps, Small Maps, Close Ground Positions, Far Ground Positions

Submitted by: Renato

Credit: Me Xupa



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