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Icon_zerg_small Basic Zerg Macro Start

ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ

Build Order

9 - Overlord (scout with your given overlord(the one you start with))
9 - Extractor (remember to put 3 workers on this gas)
15 - Spawning Pool (This step is reversible with the one above)
15 - Hatchery (This step is reversible with the next)


Well you just start and then it's optional and very adjustable.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Balanced, Defensive, Timing Push, Air, Drop Play, Harassment, All-In, Cheese, Fast Expand

Map Tags

Large Maps, Small Maps, Close Ground Positions, Far Ground Positions, Close Air Positions, Far Air Positions

Submitted by: BWOdufusguy

Credit: BWOdufusguy



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