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Icon_zerg_small Standard 15 Hatchery opener (THE REAL ONE)

ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ

Build Order

15 - Hatchery
15 - Spawning Pool
9 - Overlord
17 - Extractor (3 drones)
17 - Overlord
18 - Queen (on main)
18 - Queen (on expansion)
99 - Metabolic Boost (@100 gas)
99 - Zergling [64x] at 07:45 (Do this right and you will have these zerglings on 8 mins outside ur enemies base)


Standard opening

Put 3x drones on first extractor until 100 gas
then you get metabolic boost and remove 2 drones from extractor to minerals

2 queens are for larvea injection

This is an standard opening with my own "all-in" speedling push
works even better on ZvZ, might need and early baneling nest to wall-bust T or P.

OBS!! Make sure you have 3 drones on gas if your going for wall-bust.

Make sure to use ur queens in ZvZ to scare of any scouting overlords, if they go banelings
you will have a hard time.

This build wins over evolution wall with queens and spine crawlers.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Timing Push, Cheese, Fast Expand

Map Tags


Submitted by: xwolf94

Credit: Standard



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