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Icon_zerg_small SoniicMacro's "The Build"


Build Order

9 - Overlord
15 - Hatchery
16 - Spawning Pool (you can try swapping the gas and pool timings for slightly earlier speed, but delays queen defence.)
17 - Extractor (As this is building, if you feel cheese coming, you can check for a proxy rax or bunker and kill it before your hatchery finishes.)
17 - Overlord
19 - Queen [2x]
26 - Metabolic Boost (@ first 100 gas)
30 - Baneling Nest (@ next 50 gas)
42 - Baneling [8x] at 06:20 (should start moving across map. latest should be 7:10)


This build is specifically meant to take advantage of speedlings and banelings to effectively bust through the terran's wall off and deal massive economic damage so that the zerg can have a large advantage. That being said. Many terrans go for a reaper expand. This build almost hard counters the reaper expand. The double queen close to perfectly pops the second the reaper makes it to your base (if build is perfectly executed). When (or as) your queens fend off the reaper. You can send your speedling/baneling force to his natural and either: (A) cancel the building CC, or (B) prevent the CC from landing. From here the terran will be stuck on 1base. (CONTAINED) You can either macro up behind this, get a 3rd and all that (3rd shouldn't go down any later than 9:30). Or if you think you have enough ling/baneling, you can try busting through his wall and killing all his scvs, marines, and hellions. IF HOWEVER the terran has a siege tank. Or somehow gets out a banshee, you can throw some spores down at home and get a SPIRE for mutas that'll deal with what ling/bane can't. If you can time it so the terran finally takes his natural while you send mutas with at least 2base economy behind it, you are in an amazing position! (ALWAYS get +1 attack for mutas AND an overseer!)

This build has proven to be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE all the way up to master league (76% winloss in diamond league). So go crazy with different timings, and give it your own spin to make it suit your playstyle :D



Build Tags

Aggressive, Rush, Timing Push, Harassment, All-In, Cheese, Fast Expand, 1 Base

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Submitted by: SoniicMacro

Credit: SoniicMacro



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