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Icon_protoss_small Protoss Fast Max 12:30 Gateball


Build Order

10 - Stalker at 11:11 (Build in description)


This build is a very strong PvZ build that opens up very greedily with a fast third nexus, a pretty late robo (used for observers mainly), but a very high gateway count (up to 11) and +2 attack upgrade and blink.

So, make probes until 9/10 then make a pylon, nexus at 15/18, put a pylon and forge and gateway, and wall-off your natural ramp with a zealot and a photon cannon.
produce non-stop zealots from your gateway and start cybernetics core, @100% cybernetics core start warpgate research, start 2nd gateway and take your third base.
@50% third nexus take 3 gases (still produce non-stop zealots as you want to be very safe against speedlings in the early game) and take +1 upgrade as soon as u can.
Take third gateway and a twilight council, @100% twilight council start blink research, start 4th gas and robo and go up to 7 gateways. From now on Start non-stop sentry production.
@100% blink, go up to 11 gateways, make 10 to 12 more sentries and then start non-stop stalker production. consider making 3 to 4 observers from the robo to be safe against Swarmhosts.
@100% +1 attack upgrade take +2 attack upgrade and start charge upgrade, take your 5th and 6th gas, add 2 robos and a robo bay to start colossi production, and consider taking a fourth base soon.
@12:30 max out with a HUGE maxed out Stalker/Sentry/Few zealots army and assault your opponent's fourth, be sure to hide lots of proxy pylons and replace all your sentry/stalker losses.



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Large Maps, Far Ground Positions

Submitted by: Bari

Credit: Me (Bari), tested in mid GM ladder vs Leenock


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This build doesn't work, even theoretically!!! At the point where i should research warpgate tech, i have NO GAS! Please look into this, as the theory of this build looks very promising!

By Ruski - about 6 years ago