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Icon_protoss_small The Death Push (Vulnerable vs Muta version)


Build Order

4 - Zealot [44x] at 11:00 (build in description)


This build is the ultimate anti-roach build.

Make probes up to 9/10, start pylon.
At 15 start nexus, then forge then gateway and gas and pylon.
@100% forge start photon cannon at the wall at your natural.
@100% gateway start cybernetics core and zealot.
@100% cybernetics core start 2 robotics and take 2 more gases and start warpgate research and start non-stop zealot production.
@100% robotics start constant immortal production and add 2 more gateways and take your fourth gas.
@100% gateways make 3 to 6 sentries (cut immortals if you have to) then continue the normal zealot production
@9:30 push out with 15 to 18 zealots, 3 to 6 sentries and 6 to 8 immortals and start proxy pylon

Note that in order to have a huge immortal production you skip the +1 upgrades from the forge !!!!

This is the BEST build versus roach play (and speedling too considering the amount of sentries and zealots you have. It is a very very strong timing push/semi-allin but u can easily die to a fast muta play (that can happen if the zerg scouts that u have 2 robos and only 3 gateways)
During the fight keep making immortals, you must stay at a high sentry count (6 to 8) so dont be afraid to warp them, if you see that zealots are starting to die warp some more, consider adding 2 more gateways if u have the money, otherwise warp stalkers . if you can afford it start +1 attack and third base, when you see that you did enough damage stop immortal production, and go for colossus tech ideally (since you have 2 robos and only 3 to 5 gateways).

BUILD TESTED in over 30 PvZ games in top master ladder by HeavyMetal with a 86% winrate !!!



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Timing Push

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Submitted by: Bari

Credit: HeavyMetal (top master protoss from team InfNA)



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