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Icon_zerg_small Sizebi build


Build Order

9 - Zergling [9x] at 00:55 (the build is in the description)


drone up to 9, overlord, 15 hatch, 15 gas, 15 pool, @100% hatch & pool start 2 queens and 4 lings, @100 gas start ling speed, start evo chamber, @100% evo chamber start +1 carapace, @6:50-ish start third base + roach warren + take all gases, @30%-ish roach warren start lair, @100% lair stop droning and start non stop roaches and attack, @100% carapace start +2 carapace and start spire.



Build Tags

Timing Push

Map Tags

Large Maps

Submitted by: Bari

Credit: Sizebi with his friend LiquidTLO


Comments (1)

Viable transitions: -Muta play (surprise your opponent) -roach/bane play (micro your banes and focus enemy hydras/infestors) -regular roach hydra play you cannot do Swarmhosts because of the lack of creep spread in the earlygame

By Bari - about 6 years ago