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Icon_protoss_small 4 DT @ 6:30 w/ MSC Harass

PvT / PvP / PvZ

Build Order

9 - Pylon (CB Nexus on completion)
12 - Gateway (CB Nexus after placement)
14 - Assimilator [2x] (CB Nexus after placement; 3 harvesters in each on completion)
16 - Cybernetics Core
16 - Pylon (CB Nexus after placement)
18 - Twilight Council
18 - Mothership Core (CB Nexus; harass mineral line with time warp on completion)
18 - Warp Gate (CB x 2 when energy is available)
21 - Dark Shrine (Should be available to warp soon after completion of MSC)
22 - Gateway [3x] at 05:10 (Request 50 minerals from allies if applicable)
22 - Pylon [2x] (After placement of first pylon, send probe to place a proxy pylon)
22 - Warp Gate [4x] at 06:20 (Transform Gateways)
22 - Dark Templar [4x] at 06:30


Revised my year old '4 DT @ 6:30' build to accommodate HotS changes; namely the Dark Shrine buff and addition of the MSC.

Concerning MSC harassment:

  • The MSC can handle two marines at once. Terran is most vulnerable to this harass!
  • If your opponent's early AA is sufficient to repel your MSC, keep it floating nearby to continually cast time warp on their mineral line to slow their income
  • Resume harass anytime their mineral line is determinedly undefended (likely when your DTs begin their attack)

Concerning DT rush:

  • vs Terran: Use MSC to check their orbital energy. If they don't have enough for a scan, wreck havoc on their army. If they do have a scan ready, split your DTs
  • vs Protoss: if they go robo, kill the facility. if they go stargate, kill as many probes as you can and warp stalkers at home. if they have no detection kill their Nexus/Nexi
  • vs Zerg: if they have a lair, kill it and flee before the overseer catches you. if they have spores but no roaches, kill the spores. if they go heavy lings, send your MSC home and get a sentry and zealots for defence



Build Tags

Aggressive, Rush, Harassment, Cheese

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Submitted by: kyymehra

Credit: Steelheart



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