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Icon_protoss_small 5:30 2 oracles - 1 zealot/stalker Cheese


Build Order

9 - Pylon
11 - Gateway
13 - Assimilator
16 - Cybernetics Core
16 - Assimilator
17 - Pylon
18 - Stargate
20 - Pylon
21 - Zealot
24 - Oracle
28 - Stalker
31 - Oracle


Use your 3 first chrono for probes.
Use next for chrono oracle.
Push at 5:30 with 1 stalker/1 Zealot & 2 Oracles

Tips : scout with oracle first, if no turret in the mineral lines just put 1 oracle per mineral line (if terran b2). Else, push with zealot & stalker at the entrance.
If there is a bunker, rally some stalker/zealot.

Just keep in mind, you have to damage the terran economy, not to kill is unit.

You can drop a B2 right after the second oracle and go for some macro.

DOT NOT lose oracle. If you think you will not be able to do any damage, just back and try to macro back to the game.



Build Tags

Aggressive, Rush, Timing Push, Air, Harassment, Cheese, Fast Expand, 1 Base

Map Tags

Small Maps

Submitted by: cacaxlol

Credit: Ndeslol



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